We train ESG professionals!

In the 21st Century, Sustainability, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Green Finance have become the hottest topics in global economic growth. To reduce climate-related risks and supporting the transition to a low carbon and sustainable world are our most significant global challenges. Talents and professionals in these areas are in high demand across the world now. In view of these, this course aims to provide a comprehensive study and career enhancement opportunities for professionals in understanding the full spectrum of Sustainability and Green Finance. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge of internationally recognized standards and practices.

Why study ESG?

This portal is designed for:

  • Executives and staff who will deal with ESG, Compliance, Regulations and Green Investing.
  • Legal staff, Compliance Officers, Securities Staff, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Fund Managers, and Investors who want to know more about Sustainability and Green Finance.
  • Executives, Compliance officers and ESG project team members in Hong Kong listed companies.
  • Anyone who is interested in Sustainability and Green Finance.

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