CDPOS ™ is a registered trademark and owned by OpencertHub Limited

Certified Data Professional in Open-Source

CDPOS ™ Certified Citizen Data Scientist

The CDPOS ™ Citizen Data Scientist certification is designed for any users who want to be empowered and to be able to apply Big Data to perform descriptive analytics. It is also highly relevant to other key staff involved in the requirements input, design, development, delivery, and ultimate user of the digital initiatives including Data consumer, digital initiatives decision maker, business analyst, and operational line managers/staff.

Anyone who has scored a pass or above in the following modules shall be qualified as CDPOS ™ Certified Citizen Data Scientist:
1) Certificate in Big Data and Open-Source Fundamentals (M01)
      2) Certificate in Data Visualization Essentials (M02)
      3) Certificate in Data Analytics Essentials (M03)

Citizen Data Science Augments Data Discovery and Simplifies Data Science”  – Gartner

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